CDISC Certification

Prosoft Clinical Adds CDISC Certification to List of Accomplishments Demonstrating The Highest Standards In Regulatory Data Tabulation For Clinical Trials.

As a full-service CRO, Prosoft Clinical and our team of industry veterans can assist you with your drug development needs. We are proud to announce that one of our valuable team leaders, Divya Pandiri, has completed her CDISC Tabulate certification. After providing this service for several years, this formal validation of her SDTM knowledge and its implementation guide further demonstrates our ability to be a valuable asset to sponsors with clinical study data needs.


Data is more important than ever and standardizing the way data is interpreted can have a substantial impact on the measured success of your clinical research. CDISC is a recognized leader in the research industry for setting the standards required by regulatory agencies that can expedite the submission and review processes embedded in drug approvals.

CDISC’s Tabulate Certification program demonstrates proficiency in improving the flow, analysis, and interpretation of clinical data that can drive operational efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve timelines.

In addition to providing a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience,

Prosoft’s CDISC process also includes double programming before the release the final project.

“The completion of this newly available validation program is evidence of our employees’ attention to deatil and adds to the established reputation of Prosoft Clinical as a provider of high quality data to support product development programs” said Prosoft Clinical President, Bob Babilon.

Prosoft Clinical has been providing clinical services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries serving women’s health, dermatology, cardiovascular, respiratory, allergy, immunology, CNS, and oncology since 1995. For more information on the capabilities of Prosoft Clinical, please contact Bob Babilon, President, Prosoft Clinical, Wayne, PA.